The following is a detailed chronology of the year 444, which succeeded 443 and preceded 445.

Waking MoonEdit


Growing MoonEdit


Bleeding MoonEdit


Red MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~149 A curmudgeon plants bracken and hedges all around the Hermit Lake, but is foiled. Traveler


A Curmudgeon Sees the Light

Harvest MoonEdit


Dancing MoonEdit


Lucky MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~81 Elstin warns that he may soon have to shut down the Silver Leaf Shop, due to lack of business. Elstin The Silver Leaf Shop + Elstin

Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
175 An impaled human corpse is found in the bracken park of Andris. A note reads, "I hope you enjoyed your moment of 'peace'? - Kisses, Elphina, Blood Crusade." N/A Blood Crusade (6th post)
223 Viktor is found in Andris. He reports that his research on artificial blood is still progressing very slowly. However, he has recently learned of previously existing research into the same subject – research carried out by blood mages. He plans to capture one such mage alive to extract any information. Afterwards, a remotely controlled zombie attacks the city's bank. Adventurers go to the cemetery to investigate, and find a mage practicing black magic. This mage seems to be able to cleanse himself of the black magic consumption (see 442, Blue 141). Not seeking to fight, he tells of a rumor that says the Blood Crusade is now being aided by some sort of necromancer. The black mage takes his leave, and the adventurers return to the city to find Charlotte. Through her, they learn that Pervil is currently stable, but still not free of her curse. Meanwhile, an Andris Scout announces that there have been multiple instances of travelers disappearing in recent days, all throughout Oberin. Traces of brigands, lava creatures, and even the undead have been found at the scenes of the disappearances. Viktor

Black Mage


Andris Scout

Blood Red
230 One of the Blood Crusade's teleportation areas is found in the Andris countryside. N/A News Flash, Page 11 (8th post)

Blood Crusade (8th post)

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
23 A scouting party near Forgetown finds and destroys a camp, apparently belonging to an absent necromancer with a taste for bad jokes. N/A Blood Crusade, Page 2 (2nd post)
~62 An encampment of mercenaries is eliminated near Duldrus. They appeared to have been tasked with kidnapping unsuspecting travelers and taking them to a "contractor", by way of a makeshift portal that had been found in previous Blood Crusade outposts. N/A Blood Crusade, Page 2 (4th & 6th posts)
85 A sizable battalion of brigands, forest trolls, giants and hill giants is found and destroyed in the Dragon's Mouth. They were led by an ice dragon, in the absence of a certain "commander". Inside the commander's quarters is an inactive Blood Crusade portal. N/A Blood Crusade, Page 2 (5th post)
118 Rodolpho's gem shop in Andris is forced to close, as the proprietor did not receive the expected delivery of crystals. Adventurers go to see Siomir, the owner of the Lerilin gem shop, and find out that another shipment to Mirith has also gone missing. One of the village's citizens, the magician Eliya Rei, enters the shop, warning of a brigand camp not far from the portal. The outlaws are vanquished with her help, and the stolen goods are found. Scout



Eliya Rei

Of a Lerilin citizen and stolen crates of crystals
215 The necromancer rumored to be working with the Blood Crusade is found in the Lerilin cemetery. He is upset that his camp was destroyed, and vows revenge on the perpetrators (see Fighting 23). He also reveals what might be his only real motive for working with the vampires: he gets to practice on the dead corpses after they have been bled white. Necromancer Blood Crusade, Page 2 (7th post)
215 Elphina bewitches a fighter in Marali in an attempt to determine just how much the humans had learned about the Blood Crusade from the battles of the past moon. She also expresses her curiosity about how Elisabeth has yet to reveal anything about the old vampire hierarchy, and how Elisabeth fits into it. Indeed, Elisabeth had said she would soon reveal this information after the liberation of Marali (see 441, Waking 153). Elphina Spellbound

Sleeping MoonEdit