The following is a detailed chronology of the year 443, which succeeded 442 and preceded 444.

Waking MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~1 Mirith is attacked by the Dragon Spirit, previously known as the Ice Spirit. He appears to have assumed control of the allied forces of the late Vandrovic (see 442, Waking 153). Dragon Spirit We, the Dragon Flight

Growing MoonEdit


Bleeding MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
24 A druid of the old Blood Cult is found walking outside Marali with a pair of tamed red dracos in tow. Blood Druid Mystery under a young Bleeding Moon (9th post)
~26 A wizard of the Blood Cult finds himself lost on the high seas, looking for a volcano. Blood Wizard News Flash, Page 10 (10th post)
27 The blood wizard is sighted outside Mirith, still looking for the volcano. Adventurers go to the Lerilin volcano to investigate, and find the blood druid and his pet dracos. Blood Wizard Bloody Bleeding Moon
39 The blood wizard does battle with a druid near Mirith. The wizard escapes, warning that the tide will turn when the bleeding moon waxes full. Blood Wizard The Murder of a Friend (3rd post)
~50 Another blood druid sighting near Andris. Blood Druid News Flash, Page 11 (4th post)
~90 A lone brigand named Greg is found near the Ant Hill, under instructions by someone named Marshall to scout the area for the rest of the "BC" – Blood Cult? Blood Crusade? Brigand GW seeks BC for CS
~95 An elderly mage comes to the Lizard Isle with the assistance of some adventurers. They slay a lizard shaman, tailor a suit out of its hide, and disguise the old man. They attempt to infiltrate the fort, but a powerful lizard captain catches on to the ruse. Fighting breaks out, the captain retreats, and the old man and his companions return to the city. Elderly Mage Not Your Ordinary Lizard Shaman
~100 A priest is kidnapped by brigands of the Blood Crusade outside Brigobaen. His pupil flees to gather help, and the rescue party is successful. It turns out the brigands were just a scouting party, as the Blood Crusade is planning to attack Lerilin again (see 442, Blue 160). Afterwards, the guards of the temple are mysteriously assassinated. The perpetrator – the blood druid – is pursued to the volcano, where he meets up with a cleric of his order. There, the pursuers are intercepted by Captain Falcatae. The Blood Cult duo, which now commands a red dragon in addition to the dracos, enters the scene to investigate and ends up discussing a potential alliance with the crusaders. Trainee Priest


Blood Druid

Blood Cleric


As Bleeding Moon Waxes Full, Let Hope Arise
103 All the inhabitants of Lerilin are kidnapped and put in cages outside the volcano. A rescue party arrives, only to be brought to the gray by the forces of the Blood Cult. The victorious cultists sacrifice Toc of Lerilin to the "Bleeding Goddess", and are about to make another sacrifice, when Lady Elphina arrive. The unholy alliance between cult and crusade appears to be solidifying. At some point, when asked if she had a soul, she responded by saying "two". The cultists offer Elphina the remaining Leriliners in the cage, but she only desires one, so she takes Sophina Longlocks. Everyone else is set free and returns to Lerilin. Some time later, a portal appears in the village and Sophina emerges. She had been asked many questions, and recalls a lot of blood, but cannot remember much else of what happened to her. Blood Druid

Blood Cleric


Forging of an Alliance
194 Salinia, apprentice to the late Toc at Lerilin's Poisoned Bottle, has resolved to continue her master's trade in skulls. Salinia At the sign of the Poisoned Bottle
~206 A seafaring crew of brigands founders on the shores of the eastern sea. They are slain by wandering adventurers. N/A Landlubbers Sink

Red MoonEdit


Harvest MoonEdit


Dancing MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~51 A camp of brigands is found and destroyed near the Mirith cemetery. They were apparently planning to head down to Welif to acquire some lobsters. There, a fisherman is found furiously cooking lobsters, having received a threat from the brigands. Adventurers agree to buy the lobsters rather than see them go to waste, but not having any gold, they agree to pay in services. As Abismo the Noble Gardener is among their ranks, they are given a botanical mission: in the far northwestern side of Lizard Isle where the soil is very fertile, the shamans have begun to plant trees and other flowers. Poor planting practices have resulted in the growth of a bracken forest, however, so the adventurers clear the area, extract those seeds that had yet to mature, and return them to the fisherman for use in his arboreal experiments. Fisherman The grass is greener on the Lizard Isle
148 A friendly pair of ancient dragons, red and green, come to Andris and converse with some adventurers. They imply that they have been away from home for a very long time, and they are unaware of the wars and tensions of recent times. They also bear suspiciously human names: Simon (the red) and Greg (the green). The humans depart to take care of a brigand camp to the east, with some assistance from the ancients. With the battle over, the ancients decide to make their leave, but not before mentioning the name of Mexur. Simon


Brigand Mage

Brigand Champion

An unusual meeting
221 A meteorite falls just outside the walls of Andris. Something appears to be glowing through the hole in the crater. The sewers are cordoned off, so that workers can make the necessary repairs. N/A The Meteor
241 Another meteorite falls in Andris, to the northwest of the city. The boulders and debris from the blast assemble into a stone golem, which is soon brought down. N/A The Meteor

Lucky MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
131 The Lerilin bank is found covered in cobwebs and dust. The economic woes facing the village (as well as Mirith and Marali) are worsening by the day. Some of the items held by the endangered banks have therefore been shipped to Andris. Those that go to Andris to investigate find a hubbub of activity there, with the bank manager too busy to answer any questions. Various confusing requisition forms are found, including one for "drop box portal devices". N/A Not Banking on It
216 A mysterious grave is found in the Andris cemetery. The inscription reads, "Here lies Fletcher, a member of the Dark Rangers". Curious adventurers disturb the grave, resulting in the uprising of a skeletal archer – the first of its kind. The undead being is defeated, but as it falls, it warns that its "brothers will walk this earth again". N/A Fletcher's Grave

Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
125 A wealthy trader is escorted from Mirith to Andris, facing all sorts of opposition along the way. Trader


~134 By now, the Foehan voidgate of ARDENT has been completed, with the help of the information delivered by Edgard in the form of a stone spear (see 441, Fighting 140). Two agents, Ezranth and Fefe, use the voidgate to establish a brief, stable portal into the Void. The group investigating the other side is forced to return after a short visit, as the portal destabilizes. The agents have the portal deactivated, until they can find a solution. Ezranth


The Void Awaits

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~5 A mysterious and potentially non-human collector of rare mushrooms happens upon some adventurers in the woods of Marali. She seems to be very in touch with the "whispers" of the woods, and muses over the decline of the cities, saying, "As your kind retreat more to the cobblestone buildings of capital and gourmet, my woods thrive." She warns that the beasts of the wild may someday overtake the cities, as nature seeks to find balance. Already, scores of cats have taken up residence in the once-proud city of Andris, where having a pet was once a serious criminal offense. Rose Of rangers and mushrooms

Sleeping MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
67 A druid trapped in the form of a wolf travels the forests of Marali in an attempt to find a cure for itself. It comes to the Poison Isle, where it is reclaimed by its master/captor, an ancient red dragon. N/A A Borrowed Wolf Companion

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