The following is a detailed chronology of the year 442, which succeeded 441 and preceded 443.

Waking MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
8-9 An Ice Flight battalion, led by a remarkably intelligent giant, invades Mirith from the west gate. They are overcome by the city's defenders, but the attacks proves to have been only a diversion: during the fighting, Vandrovic himself flew into the city unchecked in an attempt to kidnap Charlotte, but the girl had managed to hide. Afterwards, the people of Mirith warn her that she isn't safe there any longer, so she becomes upset and flees. A long search ensues at the behest of a perturbed Elisabeth. Their mission takes them to the summit of the Hidden Peak, where they discover the portal that Vandrovic had been using to transport his armies from the Frozen Wastes to the mainland. There is no sign of Charlotte however, so they carry on, and eventually find her living with a flock of pixies near Brigobaen. She is reluctant to return, but relents with the persuasion of Siegal, a well-known friend of all pixiekind. Viktor is now personally in charge of the girl's protection. Leader Giant





News Flash, Page 10 (5th post)
~20 Mirith's Captain of the Guard announces that the city has constructed an outpost far to the northeast, at the bridge near the South Marali Woods. Guard Captain News Flash, Page 10 (6th post)
32 Another one of the Ice Flight's command posts is found and destroyed near the Dragon's Mouth. The Ice Spirit and an ancient dragon of the forest then arrive, and do battle with the humans at the riverside. The fighting comes to a stalemate, and then the rogue Skaggz offers to join the Ice Flight. The Spirit accepts, but the other humans waste no time in ensuring the rogue is executed on the spot. The battle resumes, but it seems that the Spirit cannot be slain if Vandrovic is alive, as his powers stem from the dragon. The Spirit withdraws and thus the battle ends. Ice Spirit News Flash, Page 10 (7th post)
60 Ezranth of ARDENT uses an experimental device to resurrect a wayward adventurer on the Lizard Isle. Ezranth Rumor Has It
~112 The forces of the Ice Flight attack the Mirithian outpost, forcing its defenders to retreat to the city and prepare for a siege. However the expected army does not arrive, as they had instead turned toward Andris. Chaotic fighting ensues throughout the Andris continent, with sand dragons and the forces of Lady Elphina even joining the fray. The Red City emerges from the battle victorious, and Elphina gets away. Elphina News Flash, Page 10 (8th post)
153 The scheduled invasion of Marali by the free peoples of Oberin. During the briefing at the refugee camp, an agent of ARDENT arrives with supplies for the combatants, but says that the organization cannot assist directly as their resources are stretched too thin with the Arcforge and Void campaigns. As planned (see 441, Fighting 74), the humans proceed through the catacombs while Lady Elisabeth and her vampire allies create a diversion at the main gate. After a long and grueling battle, the humans reach the audience room in the fort. There, Vandrovic is killed with the assistance of Elisabeth and Viktor. As the battle is dying down, Elphina makes an appearance, announcing that it was she who had killed Elisabeth's husband long ago. She also boasts that the Ice Spirit has escaped and will work to rebuild and unite the remnants of Vandrovic's allied forces into a new army, the Dragon Flight. For now, though, the humans have won, and the Second Ice War comes to its conclusion. Sometime after the fight, however, it is revealed that Marali's piece of the Curio has disappeared. There is reason to believe that ARDENT is to blame. Elisabeth






The defeat of Vandrovic and the missing curio

Growing MoonEdit


Bleeding MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
26 An old man dressed in gray robes comes to Andris, apparently having just returned from a very long voyage. According to one report, he says that he was alive before Aborek, and that his name is Brogan. This arouses some suspicion concerning a town from long ago with a tragic history: Brogan's Keep, which exists today in the form of the Aborek ruins. However, another report states that his real name is Galdrafath, and that he is a "singer of magical song and wisdom". Doddering Old Man A traveller arrives

Red MoonEdit


Harvest MoonEdit


Dancing MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
75 Brigands, mercenaries, and giant bats led by an unknown vampire attack a group of hunters at the Center Island. The brigands are clad in dark red robes, and appear to be under some sort of spell. The vampire introduces himself as Captain Falcatae of the Blood Crusade, and declares war against all humanity. Falcatae The Return of the Vampires
135 An agent of ARDENT masquerades as Dirk, the Mirithian blacksmith, in an attempt to get information on the construction of temples. 'Dirk' (Agent) ARDENT, Page 3 (1st post)
141 A notice is found at the temples of Andris and Lerilin. They read, "Reward offered for knowledge on Temple construction. -ARDENT". In the Brigobaen library, the shelf dedicated to the Temples of Oberin is found empty of all its books. N/A ARDENT, Page 3 (2nd post)

Lucky MoonEdit


Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~57 A band of brigands is found on the Lerilin continent. Their leader, a mage, warns of the looming Blood Crusade. Nearby, there is a sealed fort, guarding black dracos and brigands and a portal of sorts. For some unknown reason, the construction explodes. Brigand Mage Blood Crusade (1st post)
79 Elisabeth resurrects a wandering adventurer in the far northern seas, taking some blood in recompense. Elisabeth ARDENT, Page 3 (4th post)
82 Strange golem activity near Foehan, where a mysterious construction project is taking place. There, Viktor meets Ezranth – apparently not for the first time. The two of them say that their independent research projects are going slow (Viktor's project being the development of artificial blood, Ezranth's project being completely unknown). They agree to try and assist each other, so Ezranth starts by asking if Viktor knows of any towers that might have existed during the vampire's time, long ago. Viktor reveals that there were several large towers, on both ocean and sea – one of which had been already found by ARDENT (see 440, Fighting 146). In return for the information, Ezranth says that ARDENT might be able to help with Viktor's research, but is forced to depart. Viktor


ARDENT, Page 3 (5th post)
84 A brigand camp with lava spiders and bracken is found southeast of the Lerilin portal. A note found in the camp indicates that Captain Falcatae of the Blood Crusade is responsible. N/A Blood Crusade (3rd & 4th posts)
94 Another brigand camp on the eastern beach of Lerilin. The brigands had been ordered to "disrupt the beach as much as possible". There was also a portal in the middle of the camp, similar to the ones found at previous Blood Crusade outposts. N/A Blood Crusade (5th post)
96 A scribe comes to Marali, hoping to find someone who had been in the party that recovered a set of documents and drawings from the Void (see 441, Bleeding Moon 230). Scribe ARDENT, Page 3 (3rd post)
102 Senator Muqities is found dead in Andris, with stab wounds glowing black as in previous assassinations (see 441, Blue and Fighting Moons). The Blue Moon Festival is postponed. Nartias Muqities Death on a sunny day
141 A necromancer is found practicing his craft at the Mirith cemetery. He seems to be able to cleanse himself of the physical consumption resulting from use of Black Magic by transferring the corrupted energy from his body to a couple of fresh human corpses – which then turn completely black and burn up. He reveals that this method is only a "temporary respite" before disappearing. Afterwards, one of Marthonis's Bone Lords appears briefly on the scene, expressing his master's interest. Necromancer

Bone Lord

Conversations with an Artist
152 A black mage is found fighting a stone golem in Duldrus, demonstrating the same cleansing technique as the one used by the necromancer in Mirith's cemetery just days before. This mage had attempted to use a brigand corpse, but apparently a "stronger vessel" would be required. Black Mage Conversations with an Artist
160 Brigands invade Lerilin, led by a mage who makes use of a ballista and a huge giant. During the battle, a red-haired man with a large scythe appears and slaughters the brigands, shouting things like, "Incompetence, worthless and cowardice". Brigand Mage


Some Heads are gonna roll
240 The remaining officials of Andris release a plea to the other cities, asking for each to send some forces to help protect the city so that the Blue Moon Festival can commence in safety. Lerilin is not asked as they are recovering from the recent invasion. Mirith sends a force of two dozen men, and Marali matches this number and raises it by one. N/A [AndrisA Plead of help.]

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~20 Rena is found in Foehan, and explains what is going on in the area: ARDENT is building a void gate, in an attempt to reach Edgard. As a result of the organization's research back in the Dancing Moon, they found that temples were made from fragments of the moon, and thus theorized that portals would work similarly. Rena ARDENT, Page 3 (6th post)

Sleeping MoonEdit


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