The following is a detailed chronology on the events of the year 439, which succeeded 438 and preceded 440.

Waking MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
1 Tiatan learns that a member of the Black Hand has told Gelito to murder one of the senators of Andris, so that the Hand could infiltrate the Senate. Due to the recent appearance of an Artificer interested in the Venom Priests (see Sleeping Moon 438), and the recent gooey infestations, Tiatan suspects that the Diabolicals are trying to recreate the lost power of the Venom Priests. Furthermore, the Diabolicals may have their eye on the old device – now in the hands of the Senate – that was used to access the Venom Priests' cave. N/A A Letter to the Andris Senate
~2 Klevin, the publican of The Ferrite Lounge, muses over the outcome of the war. During Tirana's occupation of Mirith, business had boomed in Duldrus. Now, with the Resistance gone, things were once again quiet in the mining town. Klevin now wonders how he could attract more customers. Just his luck, he acquires the secret fish recipe of Razan, who had run the restaurant back in the Rebuild Duldrus movement of 437. Klevin Another Renewal
10 Senators Ellychas and Grantham travel to the eastern edge of the Andris continent to determine if it is a feasible location for a port. They run into spiders, who have only just recently begun populating the area. They worry about the Queen Spider, and decide to inform Senator Muqities (see the first few moons of 438). Meanwhile, the name "Morganstown" is becoming more and more popular for the proposed port. Falov Ellychas

Helda Grantham

Three Encounters and Strange Appearances (8th post)
11 A starving zombie is found trying to eat a pet bear in the cemetery of Andris. Immediately afterwards, a powerful Skeleton Lord – who was susceptible to poison – is brought down. Skeleton Lord Three Encounters and Strange Appearances, cont. (9th post)
12 Continuing events from Sleeping 438: some hunters reinvestigate the Pixie Cave but find no further clues regarding the Diabolical Artificer and his search for Venom Priest artifacts. The hunters leave the cave, running into a Reflective Gooey and its underlings. The gooeys are destroyed, and some speculate that the recent surge in unusual gooey activity might be connected with the Artificer. N/A An Artificer & Talk of Venom Priests (5th post)
17 There is unusual Bone Mage activity in Andris's cemetery. Senator Muqities is seen bashing one of the mages on the skull with his walking stick. After the trouble is dealt with, Muqities affirms that he is looking for Gawr to fight the Queen Spider using the runesword that was crafted a year before. Nartias Muqities Tales of the Red City, Page 2 (10th post)
~34 N'eroth and Istra Falvo test the king's subjects by disguising themselves as two "outlaws" that are to be hunted down for no apparent reason. The disguises include: "Fishy Irene", "Jeromias", and "Healer Isobel". After the ruse is up, Istra finally leaves for Marali. Then, N'eroth makes a serious announcement: there actually is a dangerous person on the loose – a wizard by the name of Csilith. At the sound of this name, Tiatan begs the king for an audience, and the request is granted. N'eroth (Jeromias)

Istra Falvo (Fishy Irene, Mirith Healer, Healer Isobel)

All Hail the Foolish Cleric!
35 Rosina finds a bottle labeled "Elixir of Love". It is likely another concoction made by Istra Falvo, aka Isobel, aka Irene, aka the Queen of Disguise. N/A Should we keep it bottled up? (11th post)
~39 Razan, who has by now resigned to a life of grayness in the Frozen Wastes, encounters a Bone Lord that wishes to turn the old fighter into a Bone Knight. Bone Lord Spirit of the Ice Dungeon (1st post)
47 Csilith comes to talk to a crowd in Andris, with her servant Tiatan in tow. She is offering her services to the city. However, she comes to blows with Shadran Mathas, and challenges him to a duel. However, wishing to gain the trust of Andris, she calms down. She then confirms suspicions that the Queen Spider has been captured, and that Master Rem and Uryste are involved. Csilith also supposes that Valencius – who had betrayed Rem to join Tirana – is now back with the Diabolicals again. Csilith retires to the inn to prepare for her duel the following dawn. Csilith Encounter with Csilith and a Duel between Wizards (12th post)
~80 An amateur attempt to use Black Magic in Mirith draws the attention of a Bone Lord, who immediately leaves out of disappointment. The debacle draws the attention of Royal Scout Voltan and Royal Guard Amere. The two dismiss the occurrence, and the conversation soon turns to reports of a large number of Bracken to the north of the city. The wizards of Ordo Chao, who have been clamoring for the position of Royal Mage ever since the Liberation of Mirith, are tasked by the Royals to take care of the problem as a test. At the end of the bracken forest, the Ordos discover the body of a wizard. They deduce that the wizard had planted many bracken seeds and then chosen a spot to fall asleep, not realizing that some seeds had slipped out of his bag.d Bone Lord


A Test For Ordo Chao
~105 King N'eroth comes to D'Arkk Lyver's Fishing Shack to give the ranger a reward for giving a Medium Protection Ring to a member of the king's "crew". The two then have a long discussion. N'eroth admits to being lonely, now that his lassie Istra has wandered off, not wanting to be confined in a city.

Soon, Istra herself arrives. She taunts the "baby King" but continues to flirt with him. Istra says that the king has no need for a "forest witch" now that he has a court to praise him. Istra leaves, N'eroth grumbles about his menial duties in the city, and then the two men hear the soft sounds of Merfolk song in the distance. The song fades, and N'eroth dubs D'Arkk the official Ranger of Port Gast.


Istra Falvo

Dubbing at the Shack
119 Another horde of gooeys strike – this time targeting a lone miner in Duldrus. One cannibalistic gooey feeds off the other ones in order to regenerate. Eventually, they are vanquished. Just then, a black-robed druid wearing a red jester hat arrives, claiming that the gooeys are his. He was surprised to hear that one of the gooeys was a cannibal, and so he inspects its remains, and finds nothing interesting besides their very nature. When informed of the Reflective Gooey (Day 12), the druid was again surprised and expresses his interest in acquiring such a gooey. At last, the druid takes the gooeys that had not yet been eaten and teleports away to conduct more studies. Odd Druid Cannibalism on an Unusual Scale
125 Gelito refuses the job of assassinating a member of the Andris Senate, strictly because he was offered gold for the hit, and wasn't approached out of friendship. N/A Andris Senate Assassination Plot
189 There is a sandstorm to the east of Andris. N/A We will fight them on the beaches. (15th post)
190 Rosina finds Csilith looking for her servant Tiatan on the path leading to the cemetery of Andris. She insists on being called an "enchantress" instead of a "wizard", because she is principally a manufacturer of precise magical artifacts. A minute later, she demonstrates her knowledge of Black Magic, summoning a skeleton by using a skull handed to her by Kyl.

Tiatan arrives with news that a Senator is eager to meet with Csilith at that moment. Csilith will hear none of it until he fetches her a proper meal, however. Tiatan complies and Csilith reluctantly agrees to meet Senator Ellychas.

Csilith tells of how the Queen Spider is being held captive by the Division of Diabolical Devices. Ellychas asks why she left, and she says she had a "crisis of conscience". She admits to having an old friend in the organization, Arathis. There was a brief dalliance between the two, but nothing more.

Ellychas then questions what her role was in the Diabolicals. She was an Artificer who worked with Arathis on some poison projects. She also helped Master Rem and Valencius in creating a Ring of Life by reverse engineering a death spell. She claims to have made off with many trinkets when she had left the organization.

Ellychas then brings up the rumor of Csilith's tendency to poison people, including the miner Jedd, in an incident involving the gambler Fle. Csilith talks her way out of it, with Tiatan's help. Finally, Ellychas leaves to deliberate with the Senate. In the meantime, Csilith will be protected within the city walls as any other citizen.


Falov Ellychas

Second encounter with Csilith, who also meets Ellychas (1st post)
191 King N'eroth introduces his new Royal Seer, Kherasija, to the public. Kherasija foresees that Royal Guard Amere may have to die in service, and that Amere would be only the first Royal Guard to serve N'eroth. Then, interpreting the movement of a flock of crows in the night sky, Kherasija cries out that there are terrible things to come, and that darkness is circling in. Kherasija is escorted away, and everyone else is left to speculate on the nature of the "darkness". The most popular explanation: it is really the Black Plague, which still persists at the darkest depths of Crausaar's Descent. Furthermore, there are the Black Dracos at Skull Island Dungeon. Another possibility considered is Black Magic in general. Whatever it may be, N'eroth makes it clear that he intends to meet this threat head-on. N'eroth


Into the Sky, Into the Underworld
191 Royal Seer Kherasija comes to the bank of Mirith, saying: the birds announced prosperity, and a new family is to be formed. Kherasija The Mystic Order of the Hidden Vale
~195 Kherasija appears in the Mirith hills, all alone. Elsewhere in the hills, a boy is looking for his "Mistress". They are reunited with the help of Suscane. Then, Kherasija finds some baby sparrows who are starving. Suscane offers to help, so the seer tasks him to find a certain man in Lerilin.

Suscane meets the man, Janister, only to find out that he needs a favor as well. Janister needs someone to catch trout for a client coming into the restaurant, so Suscane goes to work, when he meets Mayor Palmer at the docks. Palmer gives his day's catch of trout to Suscane on the condition that he deliver a letter to Nafets.

Suscane gets the trout to Janister, who says that sparrows love rum cake. Suscane gets some free cake for his service, and returns to Kherasija in the hills. The sparrows are fed, and Kherasija tells Suscane that he has just saved the Kingdom of Mirith.

Suscane finds N'eroth and Nafets at the pub. The rogue tells them his tale and delivers the letter to Nafets. N'eroth believes every word of the "tall tale", takes off a ring from his finger, and gives it to Suscane.


The Seeing Boy





The Seer, and the Precious Sparrows
~199 Continuing events from Sleeping 438: Tiatan believes that he can no longer infiltrate Jirel, as there is something more insidious happening. He writes a letter to that effect to King N'eroth. N/A Letter for King N'eroth Handed to a Scout near Andris
201 Running an official errand, Senator Morgans meets Tiatan and Gelito, who is still involved as a hitman in Andris. After Morgans leaves, Gelito tells Tiatan about the assassination/infiltration plot. Aside from this, there are allegations of another plot as well: Gelito knew of a drunkard that was an accessory in some underground dealings – namely, the importation of Andris Champagne to Marali. The drunkard became too knowledgeable about a supposed scheme in which the city of Andris generated money from these dealings to be used in the Andris Seaport Project. And so, Gelito is paid well to assassinate the drunkard. He is successful. Morgans Andris Senate, Andris Seaport, Andris Assassination

A Drunken Recollection of Senator Morgans and a Stranger

203 A Marali Vanguard patrol runs into a ranger named Maeryn in the Marali forest. Maeryn tells the vanguardians that she is the daughter of the city's Major Cesca Andon. They gather some enchanting reagents to help Maeryn's sister, Lydia Andon, refine her skills. Maeryn Andon Patroling the Marali woods, an unexpected encounter.
214 Some hunters invade the Lizard Fort. In response, some of the lizards let it known that they intend to seek the aid of the dragons. Such an alliance hasn't been operating ever since the end of the Ice War in 434. The humans continue their hunt, but before too long a Forest Dragon arrives to help the lizards. The dragon is eventually slain, but the prospects of a dragon-lizard alliance remain. N/A An Alliance Reforged - Scale Edition
~218 Senator Ellychas approaches Tiatan in Andris. They talk about the miners of Andris and the dangers of the occupation. Tiatan tells the senator that his mistress Csilith has found the Queen Spider, which surprises Ellychas as the Senate has not yet located the beast. Tiatan then reveals that Csilith desires to become "Royal Enchantress", and that he is struggling to help her adjust to life after the Diabolicals.

Senator Grantham then arrives, and they continue to talk about Tiatan's mistress. Elaborating on Csilith's "struggle" to adjust, Tiatan tells how she recently poisoned one of the miners on the job. Discussion continues over Csilith's trustworthiness. Tiatan suggests that the senators try and meet with her, and is then tasked with arranging such a meeting.

Falov Ellychas

Helda Grantham

The Servant and the Senators

Growing MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~25 Captain Jass and his crew tries to plunder the Ice Dungeon, but they are turned back by Razan, the Ice Spirit. Captain Jass Spirit of the Ice Dungeon (2nd post)
39 Captain Octar reports to fellow Captain Charonia about one of the Andon triplets, Lydia. She shows an interest in Black Magic. Later, there is a disturbance in the Marali cemetery. At some point, a brigand mage enters the fray. At the end of the fight, a note is found, reading: "Bring me his weapons, JJ." (see Sleeping Moon 438). Mother Terwynn Rees is found at the bank, but knows nothing of JJ. The gambler Fle suggests that one of the J's could be Jalux. Lydia Andon

Terwynn Rees

A letter to Captain Charonia
46 Hunters around Marali are ambushed by a huge tribe of trolls, and later on by some brigands. N/A Brigand Activity, Page 25 (8th post)
~68 Ralston has been on vacation since the Blue Moon of Year 438. His nephew, Benard, meets Elwood inside the vacant house. Benard worries that his uncle has been gone too long, and so he asks Elwood to check the island north of Marali. Benard decides to stay and look after the house. At the island, there is a trap concealed within a pile of leaves that almost kills Elwood. Under the leaves, there is a badly decayed body. Elwood takes what items he can gather from the remains, and returns to Benard.

Benard recognizes his uncle's favorite black shirt, and begins to sob, but pauses upon seeing rum – Ralston didn't drink. The two suspect that the privateers are responsible. Elwood, who had long ago lost 100,000 pieces of gold to Ralston in a scam, searches the North Sea. After some time, he finds the privateers, and recovers his lost gold. Elwood returns to the old cabin, but Benard is nowhere to be found.

Benard The Quest for Ralston Continues ......
~70 In response to Kherasija's omens regarding the 'black' (see Waking Moon Day ~195), King N'eroth leads an army into the Skull Island Dungeon to fight Black Dracos. N'eroth

Adla Thera

N/A (referred to in Green is the Color
71 Arathis, known to be a Diabolical, comes to Mirith in peace, seeking an audience with the King. Tiatan begs to speak with him but Arathis insists on seeing N'eroth. Tiatan relents, so they go to the castle and find N'eroth, Kherasija, and Cassandra. Feeling lost around so many people, Kherasija leaves to rest.

Arathis then announces that he seeks clemency, and reminds everyone that he aided in the cause against Tirana. He reveals that he was replaced by Valencius on the orders of Master Rem, and so he has renounced all ties to the Black Hand. He offers knowledge of Rem in exchange for freedom and protection, as he feels threatened by Uryste.

Cassandra vouches for him and suggests he hide in a shop. N'eroth agrees. Arathis leaves, and Tiatan finally gets his audience. Cassandra finds Beleth and realizes that the omen of the mother bird (see Waking Moon Day ~195) means that Mirith needs its Royal Mage as a child needs its mother.





Green is the Color
89 A Hell Mage is found in the cemetery of Andris. N/A Uncle Octar visits Andris. Encounter with hellish monsters (4th post)
~102 A small band of brigands is discovered near the cemetery of Marali. Their numbers include a black plated woman who wore the badge of the Black Hand. She attempts to summon reinforcements, but is killed before this could happen. N/A Black Hand Member Killed, travelers be advised
107 At a drunken gathering in Andris, Tiatan lets it slip that his mistress Csilith wants to take over the city. He says that if he interferes with her plans, then she'll feed him to the Queen Spider, indicating that she had access to the Queen all along. Adla Thera of Brigobaen warmly encourages him to find a new mistress, but he feels trapped. Eventually, Adla and Tiatan go elsewhere in the city.

Senator Ellychas then arrives at the gathering, followed a few minutes later by Senator Muqities. They all agree that the Venom Priests are not active, and that the Diabolicals are behind everything. Rosina then informs them of Tiatan's news, and how Csilith was indeed responsible for the whole Venom Priest scare.

Tiatan returns without Adla (or any recollection of her, either). He is devastated to learn that he revealed the infiltration plot in his drunkenness. However, there is more: Tiatan reveals to everyone that Csilith is also in league with Arathis, who has been put under the protection of Mirith. And lastly, Rem and Uryste are behind the entire scheme.

Immediately, Muqities sends Tiatan and Jozlyn to warn Mirith of potential danger from Arathis. The pair is soon joined by Adla. While leaving Andris, they encounter Csilith, who was most displeased to learn that her servant was escorting someone else. The ex-Diabolical punishes Tiatan with her spells, while Adla counters with healing.

A bargain is then struck: Tiatan claims that he will try to help Csilith win King N'eroth's favor. Then, they could bring the King to Andris to help her win favor with the Senate. On the other hand, Csilith is granted access to books in Brigobaen. They part ways, and in Mirith, the King cannot be found. Captain Voltan offers to deliver a message, but Tiatan feels the need to speak with the King in person.

Adla Thera

Falov Ellychas

Nartias Muqities



Escorting Tiatan to Warn Mirith

In Vino Veritas - the Truth (or part of it) at last! (2nd post)

~108 Tiatan writes to Cassandra, informing her that he has returned to Mirith, and has deceived Csilith. The ex-Diabolical has the ability to portal her servant to wherever she is. If this can be countered, then it would be very unlikely that she head to Mirith to retrieve him. However, Tiatan fears that she might use Arathis – currently enjoying the protection of the city – to take Tiatan to her or to exact her revenge. N/A A Letter to Cassandra (1st post)
118 Gelito reveals to Rosina that he been asked to bake a poisoned pie to be used for some upcoming "festivities" [the official Coronation of the King]. He did not yet know his target, and wouldn't reveal his employer. N/A Of Pies, Plots and Giants (3rd post)
~120 The guards of The Hidden Vale are kidnapped by a band of female brigands. N/A The Hidden Male?
133 Royal Wizard Beleth joins in on a hunting party of Ordos, who have styled themselves the unofficial Royal Mages of Mirith ever since the city was liberated from Tirana. Beleth tells them of many things, including: the tragic history of his family, N'eroth's upbringing, and the Seer Kherasija. Beleth A Chance Meeting (4th post)
145 A couple of red dragons emerge from the Volcano. They are dispatched. N/A Dragons on Lerilin Island.
150 A group of hunters deep inside the woods of Andris run into Csilith, who is looking for Tiatan. After some typically hostile exchanges, she says that the Queen Spider is on the loose again. Csilith departs, and later on an army of spiders attack, led by a certain huge spider. Csilith Spider Queen on the loose. First battle against her subjects (5th post)
~171 A sheep goes around, asking humans what they ate today, and singing about "Pluffy-Fluffy" forgetting orders N/A Pluffy Fluffy, the Errand Sheep
~180 A Bone Lord and Bone Lady interrupts a trio of hunters in the Pixie Cave. The Bone Lord is already familiar to one of the hunters present, Siegal. The two agents of Marthonis demand that the hunters observe any signs of magic that would summon a dragon. Bone Lord

Bone Lady

Observing the Pixie Cave
188 Nimuialwing of the Marali Vanguard finds two notes near his hall, that read: "Humans eat Dried Trout!" and "What did you eat today?". Similar notes were found near Marali itself, speaking of raw human meat for breakfast. The same instance occurs in the woods of Andris with Fuoco. N/A A practical joke, or a mysterious omen?
189 A Marali Scout informs Nimuialwing of a brigand camp near the southern coast of Marali. The two of them take out the brigands and their thug leader, who wouldn't reveal what his mission was. N/A Brigand Activity, Page 25 (9th post)
210 N'eroth is practicing some of his royal speeches (reading out of a card) when Istra Falvo interrupts. She teases him and says she wants to talk to him about the Mhara. All the other witnesses present are sent to gather golden scales for another one of Istra's soups. But first, Istra entrusts Rosina with a tiny seashell to keep for the Ranger of Port Gast, D'Arkk Lyver. N'eroth

Istra Falvo

A letter to Rosina (2nd post)
217 Privateers attack some hunters off the north shore of Andris. Not long afterwards, some brigands try the same thing. N/A Brigand Activity, Page 26 (1st post)
~233 Tiatan writes Cassandra again. He had been teleported by Istra Falvo into the Pixie Cave, where many of the Rebels were seeking the Queen Spider. Gawr wielded the runesword that had been crafted by Senator Muqities with the help of Jedd in the first few moons of 438. The Queen proves to be no match.

After the battle, the body of an Artificer is found enclosed in a cage. Then, Csilith shows up to take credit for the success, in hopes of gaining the trust of Andris. A hidden Tiatan learns that his old mistress has either given up on finding him, or just can't portal him so easily. Istra then passes one of her infamous 'soups' to Csilith, who is reported to have turned into a spider upon drinking it.

The main reason Tiatan writes, however, is his concern about Istra, who has been using Black Magic more and more. In order to maintain her trust, he wants to have someone else inform King N'eroth.

Istra Falvo

Queen Spider


A Letter to Cassandra (3rd post)

A Letter to Muqities (4th post)

~235 In subsequent letters to Cassandra, Tiatan tells a new tale: Adla comes to Mirith, seeking the trader Herik, who wants to sell goods at the upcoming official coronation of the King. Meanwhile, Herik and Opal have become an item.

It turns out that Herik was sold a heavy sword (possibly the spider runesword) in exchange for some tomes. Since Brigobaen is a collector of rare and valuable tomes, Adla desires to purchase them. Herik describes the two men that sold the sword, and Tiatan suspects them to be Senators Ellychas and Muqities.

Thanks to his trouble with Csilith, Tiatan can't get to Andris, so he gets Cassandra to ask Rosina if she could inquire with the Senate about the tomes.

Adla Thera



A Letter to Cassandra (5th post)

Herik the Trader

~239 A pair of liches attack the cemetery of Marali. Terwynn Rees Liches in Marali
249 Brother Evaristos of Brigobaen finishes his transcription of the diary of Marali Commander Kang, who was killed during the Siege of Marali in 426 (for the recovery of the diary, see Day 74 of Sleeping Moon 438). A band of brigands lead by J.J. attempts to steal the books, just like before.

The book is stored safely in the Marali Vanguard hall, and the vanguardians report the incident to Mother Rees. Evidence arises that one of the J's is 'Jeremiah'. Afterwards, more brigands are encountered near Citrinitas Aegis, including a brigand mage.


Terwynn Rees

Marali Scout

The Battle for Commander Kang's diary
~250 Tiatan writes another letter to Cassandra. He has just met Captain Voltan, who is looking to catch up with his old companion D'arrk Lyver, the Ranger of Gast. Voltan also says that the Coronation should be soon: King N'eroth wants to have it during the full Bleeding Moon. Voltan A Letter to Cassandra (7th post)

Bleeding MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~13 Unusual bracken activity near Andris. N/A Fight!
24 On the suggestion of Captain Quin, Laricen travels to Andris in search of Estess Vorund, the suspected murderer of Major Sule Tesdor of Marali. Going under an alias, Laricen comes to the Andris inn and learns that Estess has rented a room there, but is not in. However, his sister Jula is ill and staying at the inn as well. Jula tells him that Estess left with purple crystals and a very pale face. Laricen believes that Estess is not the murderer. Jula

Helda Grantham

Gathering Information in Andris
~33 Breigje Balloc leaves a note in her town of Foehan asking if the gamblers could make an appearance at the upcoming Coronation of King N'eroth during the full Bleeding Moon. N/A A note for the gamblers
~41 Voltan comes to the Mirith bank and tasks some adventurers to visit the Old Hermit and negotiate for some bracken seeds for the King. However, the King also wanted to help some trader, so the adventurers were also told to visit the Ant Cave to find some gems. They succeed, and stopping in Lerilin, they find a dog named Nyatha Bark. Voltan


The street to coronation
~45 Siegal meets a pixie on the way from Welif to Lizard Island. Siegal doesn't try to attack her, so she stops too and introduces herself as Myzel. They become fast friends. Myzel leaves to tell all her sisters that they are now friends. Myzel Making Friends
~56 The diary of Adelphius Kang from years 422 through 426 is recovered and restored. N/A Transcript from the Ruined Book.
~68 The dwarf Tholan Blakhammar makes his first appearance near the Duldrus mountains. He attempts to converse with Siegal, but the language barrier proves to be too severe. Tholan Dwarven dictionary anyone? (1st post)
~72 Responding to the request of Breigje Balloc, a representative of the Gambling Syndicate comes to Mirith. The representative is slightly troubled that Breigje is aware that the Syndicate has underground operations in her town of Foehan. Breigje, however, will respect their privacy. Gambler A Letter to My Sister, Elsbeta
~73 Senator Muqities mentions that there were reports of a small disturbance to the south of Andris. A sand golem, sand spiders, and sand dracos are found and vanquished. Nartias Muqities a short report to Senator Muqities
~82 Tholan appears in Lerilin. Some progress is made in communicating with the dwarf. The humans present determine that Tholan is looking for other dwarves (and 'Undahelm'), and that the dwarves were attacked by a Magma Golem. His clan of Blakhammar has probably been vanquished. There are a total of 12 clans, but they are hiding underground – dwarves hate the light. Further conversation reveals that his goddess is not Elara, but Chaywin, the mother of everything. Tholan Dwarven dictionary anyone? (2nd post)
~83 Tholan meets a small group of people at Mirith. Thanks to Gelito, Tholan develops a love for pie (no, not the explosive ones!) Public familiarity with Dwarven language is increasing, slowly but steadily. Tholan Dwarven dictionary anyone? (3rd post)
84 A man named Jem tries to find his way to Mirith in search of a job. He dreams of becoming a jester. Jem A letter to Rosina (4th post)
86 It is confirmed that Senator Ivanelda Janik will attend the Coronation in the company of her daughter Alexandra, to represent Andris. There are some plans to promote a marriage between Alexandra and the King to form a bond between the two cities who were often opposed to each other in years past. N/A A letter to Rosina (4th post)
~101 Cassandra announces that, on the Coronation of King N'eroth, Mirith will be holding a competition for the most gifted bard. The prize: a Silver Quill. Cassandra will gather the entries and organize the jury. N/A Bards, poets, and storytellers!
~107 Tholan visits the Red City and converses with Fred the Wizard. Fred believes that Tholan is seeking 'Undahelm'. Tholan Dwarven dictionary anyone? (4th post)
~109 Siegal writes a letter to his old companion Adla Thera of Brigobaen, asking her if there is any knowledge stored in the great library about the Dwarven people. After writing the letter, Siegal releases the first edition of a basic working dictionary of the Dwarven Language. Adla Thera Dwarven dictionary anyone? (5th and 6th posts)
~112 Adla Thera writes to Siegal. She has been waiting in Mirith for the Coronation, and has no real information on dwarves. In Brigobaen, they were referred to as tiny strong men with evil eyes that would come get you if you were a bad girl. Still, Adla Thera offers to aid in whatever way she can. Adla Thera Dwarven dictionary anyone? (7th post)
~114 Jem encounters a hunter near Lerilin and asks about recent happenings in Mirith, as he still is interested in the position of Court Jester. Jem Encounter in Lerilin
~114 Duvalle talks about some rumors of hearing a baby cry in the Lerilin woods. Duvalle Rumors From Duvalle
~115 Siegal replies to the letter, assuring Adla Thera that Tholan is no hoax, as his speech and manner are consistent. Furthermore, Siegal thinks that the myth Adla speaks of is born from a strand of truth, and that one should be able to follow this strand to find the knowledge that created the myth. N/A Dwarven dictionary anyone? (8th post)
~116 Senator Grantham speaks to some visitors in Andris. She is upset because she still can't get the agreement of the whole senate for her port project. Meanwhile, Senator Janik is fixated on her daughter meeting King N'eroth in hopes of a political marriage. Discussion turns to the upcoming Coronation. Grantham will not be attending. Helda Grantham Tales of the Red City, Page 4 (6th post)
117 Two Hell Mages surface in the cemetery of Andris. N/A Tales of the Red City, Page 4 (7th post)
~142 Travelers contending with the effects of the Full Bleeding Moon in the golem fields of Duldrus are rescued by the druid Denreth of the Black Hand. Denreth Rescued by Denreth
~143 Entertainment is set up in Mirith for those who had arrived in advance of the Coronation. Over the following days, the events include games and gamblers, prizes and foretellers. Jem obtains the position he sought: Royal Jester. Voltan announces that an arena was set up to the north of the city, with the King desiring that those brave enough would test their skill. Even two forest dragons were captured and used for sport in the arena. Jem


A Dark Coronation (8th post)
~153 Senator Grantham asks Fuoco to keep an eye on Senator Janik and daughter Alexandra during their stay in Mirith for the Coronation. Thus, Fuoco moves to the city for the time being. Meanwhile, Herik the Trader comes to the city with the news that he has some ancient tomes for Adla Thera (see Day ~235 of the Growing Moon). Herik, for his part, still hopes to marry Opal the innkeeper.

Later, a pregnant woman named Marigold arrives in the city with her husband Geofric. Marigold is fond of dogs, and owns a few: Nyatha Bark, Adelphius Poo, Maximus Wag – all Maralian dogs with Maralian names.

Herik meets Marigold and asks if she was willing to sell him a puppy, as he thinks that Opal would love a little Maralian terrier. Marigold agrees and also suggests baking a pie. As luck with have it, no one has any eggs, so Fuoco and some friends raid the harpie nests to the northeast of town.

During their raid, they find Cyana, whom Beleth had alerted to the presence of Phase Serpents in the area. The group encounters many sea serpents, including two phases. Herik finally gets ahold of some eggs.

Afterwards, Jem hosts a game of hide and seek. At last, Senator Janik arrives in the city.

Helda Grantham






Ivanelda Janik

A Dark Coronation (10th post)
~157 The Coronation of King N'eroth is held in Mirith under the Full Bleeding Moon, in the middle of the night. Many citizens and dignitaries are present for the ceremony, including a centaur (the likes of which had not been seen since the murder of Mernias). Afterwards, Senator Janik and her daughter, Alexandra, are admitted to a private chamber for an audience with the King. Alexandra is clearly infatuated with him.

Upon being crowned, N'eroth announces that he will wage war against all that oppose him. Lord Rengal advises caution, but N'eroth decides to pay a visit to the ice dragons first, and so the crowd gathers in Duldrus.

North Duldrus is overrun by creatures from the Frozen Wastes. Everyone wipes out this threat and proceeds to the Ice Dungeon, where they charge into the lair. But even this great army cannot contend with a multitude of ice dragons and ice golems led by an Ancient Ice Dragon. Eventually, everyone escapes with their lives. However, Alexandra was unaccounted for, aside from some tiny footprints on the snow that probably belonged to her. It is later revealed that Beleth rescued her through one of his summoning spells.

N'eroth decides that the red dragons will be next.






Ivanelda Janik





A Dark Coronation
160 Alexandra is spotted safe and sound in Lerilin. Alexandra News on Alexandra
181 A camp of brigands is found in the park north of Andris. The brigands are dispatched, and a note is found, reading: "Brother, if you or your men see an odd druid with a red hat, run. Run far!" (see Waking Moon Day 119) N/A Tales of the Red City, Page 4 (8th post)
~199 After the deadly Coronation, Sino meets Jem within the walls of Mirith. Jem was shaken up by the whole ordeal as well, and is concerned about the King's future plans regarding the red dragons. Jem reveals that Lord Rengal is also trying to convince the King to focus on domestic affairs, rather than leading new dangerous expeditions. Such domestic problems include the dreadful condition of the city walls and the lack of funds for maintaining strong defenses. Jem Missing Report
205 Captain Octar of the Marali Vanguard writes to Commander Vaup to set down the events leading up to the murder of Major Tesdor, over a span of many days. Octar believes that the murder is connected to the mystery surrounding the recently recovered diary of Commander Kang (see Growing Moon Day ~249).

As Octar reveals, the deciphering of the diary was accomplished with the help of the long-absent Altaira Mei. This previous healer of Marali now apparently resides in Brigobaen. Mei disappeared after the Siege of Marali in 426, and now feels that her old city holds her in low esteem.

Octar also tells of how he recovered an old sword inscribed with the initials of Adelphius Kang. Octar bought the item from Herik, who had purchased it from two men near the Marali bridge. Octar suspects that either the JJ brigands were looted or just sold some items they didn't want.

The letter goes on to tell how Advisor Estess Vorund asked Octar for the diary, and how Octar refused, deciding to bring it to Marali on his own. In the presence of Estess, Octar entrusted the journal to Major Tesdor. The next day, Tesdor is found dead at the end of the Marali docks, without the journal. Estess, meanwhile, had decided that he was needed urgently in Andris. Captin Quin then sent Laricen on a mission to the Red City to investigate (see Bleeding Moon Day 24).

Octar and Siegal then come across Istra Falvo in the Marali woods. She seems to know something about an old organization known as the 'Creed', which was probably involved in the death of Commander Kang in year 426. Now there are suspicions that shadows of the Creed are responsible for the recent death of Major Tesdor.

Altaira Mei


Estess Vorund

Sule Tesdor

Tarnus Quin

Istra Falvo

The Death of Major Tesdor

The Creed, The Witch and The Fort.

207 Brigands attack a few travelers near the Mirith bridge. Up the river, there are more brigands. Their leader wore black plate and a red shirt. He called himself "The Love Bandit", and some Elixirs of Love were found on his body. The Love Bandit Brigand Activity, Page 26 (2nd post)
~210 Mother Rees of Marali writes a letter to Commander Vaup regarding the murder of Major Tesdor. Rees has offered her protection to Estess Vorund for the sake of cohesion and internal peace in Marali. As Vorund told Rees, he only asked for the journal when Captain Octar claimed that it belonged to the Vanguard and wasn't for the Majors to read. In her letter, Rees laments the mutual accusation taking place among the ranks of Marali. Terwynn Rees The Death of Major Tesdor (3rd post)
218 An odd druid (see Bleeding Moon Day 181) is seen inside the tailor's shop of Andris, looking for more silly red hats. At around the same time, travelers discover an encampment of brigands and mercenaries near the Volcano. Another note signed 'JJ' is found. Odd Druid Tales of the Red City, Page 5 (1st post)
~225 Jozlyn leaves a note for the odd druid, informing him of the appearance of another strange gooey. This particular specimen was charged with energy and could shoot powerful bolts of lightning. N/A Note to Odd Druid

Red MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~5 Istra Falvo writes a note to Laricen, Siegal, and Captain Octar, informing them that Altaira Mei – involved in the restoration of the diary of Commander Kang – has left Brigobaen. Istra will locate her with Black Magic. Istra Falvo The Death of Major Tesdor (4th post)
8 Estess Vorund stumbles upon Jedd in the wilderness. Vorund initially thinks that Jedd was a hired assassin. Upon realizing his mistake, Vorund claims that he is running from men sent by Captain Octar – whom Vorund claims to be the true murderer of Major Tesdor. Vorund also claims to be fearful for his sister Jula, who still resides sick in Andris. Lastly, Vorund asks if Jedd could take care of Octar (in the criminal sense). Jedd declines, and they soon part ways. Estess Vorund The Death of Major Tesdor (5th post)
~15 In his search for the master tamer Denreth (who had introduced shapeshifting to the world), Ariki moves to Duldrus. He searches far and wide, eventually runs into Evers, but does not succeed in his quest. Evers The search of a Master Tamer.
~25 A young ranger named Balinda comes to Mirith, asking to be taken to a Mirith Scout. She tells the court that she was captured by brigands, prompting the scouts into action. Later that day, a large force of privateers – led by an Illusionist of the Black Hand – is tracked to an island near the Andris Bridge and destroyed. Jem


A Battle with an Illusionist.
~50 Some pixies cause trouble right by the walls of Lerilin. N/A Pixie activity near Lerilin walls
~75 Voltan, busy training a couple of Mirith guardsmen, tasks a few adventurers to investigate reports of unusual activity at Medius Island. There, Istra Falvo is found mixing another one of her infamous concoctions, inadvertently causing a disturbance in the surrounding waters. Her current project: the Elixir of Zimm, a potion that would allow people to breathe underwater. She is making it for the 'baby king', N'eroth, who wants to enter the underwater realm of the Mhara. Voltan

Istra Falvo

Istra Falvo and the Elixir of Zimm
82 A camp of mercenaries is found and destroyed near Marali Lake. A note discovered in the campsite reads: "Tell E.V. – No deal." The incident is brought to the direct attention of Commander Vaup, due to the recent conflict surrounding Advisor Estess Vorund. N/A The Mystery at the Lake!
167 In the Marali Backyard, Nimuialwing encounters Arathis (who has not been seen since the Diabolical plot to infiltrate the cities was foiled). Arathis claims to still be residing in Mirith, and refers to the Diabolicals as his "enemies" and "former colleagues". Arathis Arathis Visits Marali
~175 Laricen finishes his investigation in Andris (see Bleeding Moon Day 205). Estess Vorund had actually hired a young woman named Janelee to pose as his sick sister, Jula. This revelation makes it certain that Vorund is involved in the murder of Major Tesdor. Janelee The Death of Major Tesdor (10th post)

Harvest MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
6 Unusual undead activity in the Lerilin cemetery. Zombies seem to think they are farmers, perhaps owing to the effects of the moon. Treasure found on the scene includes a Copper Coin. N/A Matters That Could Be Of Great Importance
70 Ponzi and Lilly, two con artists posing as poor gamblers, come to Mirith. They trick King N'eroth into gambling away his Royal Robe and the Silver Quill. The con artists are soon found out and flee the city. Voltan and Beleth attempt to find the thieves. Later, a group of brigands hunt down and kill a man and woman outside Gohoran – possibly Ponzi and Lilly. These brigands are in turn killed by a force from Mirith, but the stolen items are nowhere to be found. Ponzi





A Public Warning

Report to Captain Voltan

80 Liches invade the Andris cemetery. After the battle, a Silver Flute is found. N/A Trinkets
~81 The Mhara announce that a very special horn of theirs has been stolen, possibly by a brigand mage. N/A Dear Fuoco, in regards to the Mhara
95 Temple Island is overrun by snakes. King N'eroth orders that they be banished from the island, and his subjects obey. N'eroth Banishing the snakes.
~130 A necromancer attacks a hunting party at the Mirith cemetery. The event is reported directly to Captain Voltan. Voltan A Warm Welcome in Mirith for a New Warrior
131 Privateers cause trouble on Ralston Island. N/A Privateer Activity, Page 5 (8th post)

Dancing MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
31 A group of pixies are found guarding colored eggs in a bracken grove. N/A A Pixie Egg Grove
40 Zombies take residence in the jails of Mirith, Andris, and Lerilin. N/A day 40 dancing moon
~50 D'arkk Lyver writes to Voltan, informing the captain that he has been hearing the Merfolk Song while working at the Fishing Shack. D'arkk then travels to Lerilin to learn more about the Mhara from Mayor Palmer. While the two meet, they catch a fleeting glimpse of the Mhara princess Fini. When King N'eroth hears the news, he dons another of his infamous disguises, and goes off to see Istra Falvo about the Elixir of Zimm. Palmer A Letter to Voltan, Mirith Guards
~100 In the spirit of the full moon, a large group of Forest Trolls set up camp near Mirith, seeking to dance with the warriors of Oberin. N/A Dance of the Forest Trolls
184 A wealthy fisherman named Eronmek loses his dog. A group of adventurers sets out to find it, but they only find a camp of brigands. Unbeknownst to the would-be rescuers, the dog had been hanging around Mirith's stable the entire time, but had since wandered off. Eronmek A Dog-Gone Pursuit (1st post)
243 Eronmek's dog is spotted near Andris. N/A A Dog-Gone Pursuit (2nd post)

Lucky MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
35 Commander Gruodland of the Knights of Silver comes to Lerilin, searching for his missing Silver Flute. Adventurers volunteer to look for the flute and go to the Andris cemetery. There, they find a black robe, a black rose, and a journal belonging to Gruodland. Back in Lerilin, the group takes down a Necromancer and a Lich in the cemetery. Elsewhere, Father Evaristos announces Brigobaen's plan to open the lower levels of the library to the public. Gruodland



News from Brigobaen

Interview with a Paladin

43 Nifi and Fini, princesses of the Mhara, visit the surface world. Nifi


The smell of seaweed
~80 A brigand camp is found and destroyed. N/A The Brigand Outpost
86 Eronmek learns that people have been feeding his dog and gets upset. His search continues. Eronmek A Dog-Gone Pursuit (3rd post)
~91 Father Evaristos announces that Brigobaen's portal to the realm of the Mhara has been closed, as "someone with a dark heart" had used it to attack the Mhara. The temple priests are appalled to learn that the portal keys – Tiny Sea Shells – are being freely traded in Morganstown. The priests resolve to speak to the Senate on the matter. Evaristos The Portals of Brigobaen
98 Senator Grantham's forceful oversight of the workers during the Morganstown construction project causes them to go on strike. Grantham


Tales of the Red City, Page 5 (4th post)
123 The Morganstown Strike is resolved. Grantham Tales of the Red City, Page 5 (6th post)
159 Neblin, whose insanity had taken him to the gray world, casts asides his demons with the help of Adla Thera and Nafets. He is restored to the living as the man he once was before becoming Neblin - Erich Kaestner.

Adla Thera



RTQ Report
203 In the recently opened basement of the Mirith Castle, a lone brigand is caught teleporting in using the new portal. It is unknown where he came from or how he accessed the portal. Mattias Jr. The Last Trip to Mirith (1st post)

Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
11 The Ice Flight proclaims its return to Oberin with an attack on the Hidden Vale, marking the start of the Second Ice War. The invasion is repelled with the help of Beleth. Rockfalls in the area create a new path up the mountains, to the Hidden Peak. Beleth Hidden Peak

The Last Trip to Mirith (2nd post)

~23 Adventurers engage a large army of mercenaries in the cave by the Duldrus portal. They find a cage full of Hell Mages, and a note reading, "More where those came from. Same Price. JJ" N/A Thugs at the Duldrus Portal
51 Two paladins of the Knights of Silver meet an adventurer from The Hidden Vale on the high seas. They travel to the volcanic Atoll and fight an ice dragon within. Their two orders decide to form an alliance in the face of the war's outbreak. Halcrion

Commander Groudland

The Last Trip to Mirith (3rd post)
72 Vandrovic is seen speaking with an Ancient Forest Dragon in the draconian tongue. They mention the name Pervil. Vandrovic The Last Trip to Mirith (5th post)
~147 Adla Thera meets Erich Kaestner in the forest, and gives him the Petrified Gaper Eye, a relic of the Eye Cult that had resulted in his turning into Neblin. Adla Thera Reunion.
203-204 A delegation from The Hidden Vale uses Crystal Tokens to meet with the Knights of Silver in their secret home. They decide, despite numerous misgivings, to petition N'eroth for aid in their fight against the Ice Flight. To this end, the Vale delegation comes to Mirith and is invited to dine with the Royal Court, where a spirited and lengthy debate ensues. Though his council urges against it, N'eroth accepts the two Crystal Tokens offered by the Vale, and departs to consult with Beleth about a potential alliance. The next morning, there is a hill giant attack at the west gate. Halcrion





The Last Trip to Mirith (6th post)

The Mirith Vanguard Logs (5th post)

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
27 The Forest Priest speaks to an adventurer from The Hidden Vale wandering outside the Volcano. The Priest announces his desire to speak to those members of the Vale that had met the Knights of Silver, and that they should seek him out in the deep forest. Forest Priest A Venerable Forest Priest?
~165 A small camp of brigands is found outside Mirith. A purple rose and two bottles of Maralian whiskey is found in the tent. N/A The Mirith Vanguard Logs (6th post)

Sleeping MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~2 A mysterious collector of rare items sets up a rune-based long-distance communication system in Mirith and Andris. In Mirith, he tasks adventurers with some hunting marks: a snake in the sewers that spits powerful poison, and a sneaky shark around Welif. Agent Agent of ... (1st post)
19 Undead uprising at Lerilin cemetery. A Hell Mage is present. N/A A Walk in the park
24 Violent storms sweep Lerilin. N/A Storms over Lerilin
37 Adventurers in the Ant Cave encounter an unusually large swarm within the Queen's chamber. A Ruby Heart is found on one of the queen ants. N/A Test of Arms
183 Adventurers in Mirith take down a skeletal warrior known as Bloodbone for the unknown agent. Agent


Agent of ... (2nd post)
~193 The agent, whose name turns out to be Edgard, experiments with using mirrors to contact adventurers about rare creature hunts. His organization is by now known as ARDENT. Edgard The Man in the Mirror

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