A (demo) is a new character who has not yet been activated by a GM. A true (demo) is a completely new and inexperienced player, it is a good idea to help these people. Other (demo)s can be alternate characters of those who know Oberin. Whether the (demo) is new or old, it is good for them to use /help to try to bring a GM to answer questions and possibly name them, activate their name.

The first space in the game, known as "demo room", is square with wooden signs providing the first basic explanations. At the end of a corridor, there are ladders to all cities. It is recommended that newcomers choose Lerilin as their starting point, but it is not compulsory. No matter the city, it is good to ask for advice from other players, who are, in general, willing to help.

All characters start out with the same items in their inventory (cf. picture). Some players' guides, such as Shogun's Way of the Cleric, suggest what to do to make best use of those limited resources. New players may want to use these starting items for their first steps in crafting, while learning how the game works.

It is possible to find a demo using the Orb of Seeing if they tell you their chosen name, or if they are a rogue and bump into you.

The concept of a (demo) does not exist in Oberin's In Character universe. However, some demos have participated in various RTQs, most famously the valiant demo who took part in the fight against the Abyss Dragon during the emergence of the Rift in 432.